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Our Kāinga

The learners in Kāinga Waitā are our youngest. Learning in this space is where discovery and foundation skills are explored. 


Kāinga Waitā is a space where the learners are encouraged to learn through experience and imagination. 

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It is said the star Waitā watches over our sea and ocean environments and the vast variety of life within them. Like the oceans and seas, our learners are encouraged to explore and inquire.


Waitā encourages us to respect our waters and coasts, support it and enhance it and treasure the inhabitants within. 


Waitā and Waitī are twin sisters.


The learners in Kāinga Waitī are our growing enthusiasts. Learning in this space is where creativity, and exploration of new skills is nurtured. 

Kāinga Waitī is a space where the learners are supported to become independent, respectful learners who are ready to take their next step in their learning and know what they need to do to achieve their learning goals.

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It is said the star Waitī watches over our freshwater environments and flowing waters and supports us, provides for us and sustains us. Like the flowing waters the learners are finding directions and pathways to achieve.


Waitī encourages us to respect the fresh waters and the inhabitants within and its importance in the ecological cycle. 


The learners in Kāinga Tupu-ā-rangi are our growing navigators. Learning in this space is where agency and inquiry are thrived on and future leaders are being developed.


Kāinga Tupu-ā-rangi  is a space where the learners are encouraged to navigate their own learning journey.  

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It is said the star Tupu-ā-rangi watches over our forests and native wildlife within. 

Tupu-ā-rangi encourages us to take action to help to bring our forests back to life again and become Kaitiaki (guardians) of our native forests and the life within them. It also encourages us to believe in ourselves and our strengths and the strengths of others.


The learners in Kāinga Tupu-ā-nuku are our leaders. Learning in this space is where rangatiratanga (leadership) is practiced and learners are well aware of their obligations to lead and support our younger ākonga (learners). 


Kāinga Tupu-ā-nuku is a space where the learners are seekers of knowledge and have the courage and conviction to explore their passions and interests.

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It is said the star Tupu-ā-nuku is connected to the  food of the earth. Tupu-ā-nuku watches in preparation for their growth and harvest, while taking the time to nurture and care for everything on the earth. 


It also encourages us to be more aware of our actions and to take accountability and understand the viewpoint of others in a compassionate way.


Kāinga Matariki is for our Kaimahi (staff) who are lifelong learners. In this space we are encouraged to gather together and connect with each other and our environment as often as possible.  Learning in this space is about sharing and collaborating, where we are encouraged to appreciate and understand the diversity and strengths of others. We celebrate that every member of our whānau brings their own unique set of skills and talents.

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It is said the star Matariki is about new beginnings and has a deep association with food and is connected to well-being, good fortune and health.


Matariki encourages us all to be able to do our very best.


Everyone is valued for what they contribute and bring to the group.


All people who come into Kāinga Pōhutukawa are considered to be part of our Scott Point School whānau. This space is our Turangawaewae. It is where we unite to celebrate success.  Kāinga Pōhutukawa is a space where we meet, share and inspire. It is a space of great mana and inspiration.

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It is said the star Pōhutukawa reminds us to remember those that have gone before and hold tight to our treasured memories and what we have learned from others and the impact they have had on our lives. 


Kāinga Pohutukawa honours our tupuna (ancestors). We acknowledge where we have come from and where we are going.


All learners who come into Kāianga Ururangi are seekers. Learning in this space is where knowledge is explored and curiosity is encouraged.  


Kāinga Ururangi is a space where the learners will feel safe and inspired to search and be challenged.

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It is said the star Ururangi is a close friend of the wind family and encourages us to embrace the strengths of the winds and any challenges they create. 


Ururangi is known for having tenacity and excitement and reminds us that a good attitude is always a key to success.


All learners who come into Kāinga Hiwa-i-te-rangi are dreamers and innovators. Learning in this space is where endless possibilities are ignited and creativity is nurtured and celebrated. 


Kāinga Hiwa-i-te-rangi is a space where the learners are encouraged to aim for their best. This space will spark curiosity and wonder creating a desire to be inquisitive.

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It is said the star Hiwa-i-te-rangi is a wishing star who helps us to recognise our hopes and dreams. 


Hiwa-i-te-rangi is known for encouraging us to hold firm to our goals, and seek out opportunities to see them realised.

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The learners in Kāinga Waipunarangi are our BLENNZ learners. Learning in this space is where skills are taught based on individualised programmes. The learners' needs and skills are at the centre of each specialised plan. 

Kāinga Waipunarangi is a space where independence is encouraged and success is celebrated in a meaningful and empowering manner.

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It is said the star Waipunarangi translates as ‘water that pools in the sky’ and is connected to the rain and the healthy cycle the rain, hail, and snow contribute to the healthy cycle of our earth. It supports us, provides for us and sustains us. 


Waipunarangi encourages us to be empathetic and inclusive of the world around us.

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