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If your child/ren is absent from school for a part, whole or multiple days, please advise the school office.

Absences for sickness, appointments and lateness can be reported by:​

  • HERO

  • Phone 09 553 6810 and leave a message on the absence line.


Please detail the reason for your child’s absence; it will be recorded as an unjustified absence if no explanation is given.

If you do not inform the school of an absence and we cannot contact you to ascertain a reason, the absence is recorded as truant.

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Your Child is Unwell

Please notify the school before 9.00 am each day your child is away from school unwell.

If your child is absent due to illness for three days or more, please provide a doctor’s certificate if requested.


You are Traveling

Please inform the school in advance by email to of the dates your child will be away.

Absences due to travel/holidays will be coded per the Ministry of Education guidelines.

Scott Point School uses an electronic attendance register system to record the roll in the morning and afternoon to monitor learner attendance.


Frequent absences can affect a child’s learning and social development. At Scott Point School, we have a positive attitude toward learning and an expectation that regular attendance supports learner progress and achievement. We will be in contact with parents if their child’s attendance falls below 90%.

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