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Enrolment Zone

Great News: The Ministry has received all the feedback from the Hobsonville community and we now have an enrolment scheme for both the Hobsonville and Scott Point communities.

Scott Point Approved Enrolment Scheme  As directed by the Ministry of Education under section 11H(1) of the Education Act 1989 the Scott Point School Board of Trustees has adopted an enrolment scheme. All students who live within the home zone will be entitled to enrol at the school.  

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How to Enrol

For all learners starting at Scott Point School, including those changing schools and those turning 5 years old:

Please check you are in the zone, read the enrolment information, and complete the online form below.


For children turning 5:

Please complete the online enrolment form for your child at least six months before they turn 5. This helps us to plan for their arrival. A member of staff from the school will contact you to arrange the next steps to complete the enrolment process.


Your child can start school between the ages of 5 and 6. Learners will usually start on the Monday after their 5th birthday or close after that date. To enable us to provide a smooth transition to school we will invite all our new entrant's parents/whānau to a navigation for new entrant's meeting as well as 2 school visits in the weeks prior to their start day. Your child's teacher will also invite you to a Whānau meeting in order to introduce themselves and to get to know your child and your family.

For those wanting to change schools or enrol at Scott Point School:

Please follow the normal enrolment process. Start dates may be determined by adequate places and staffing available at the school. All new learner enrolments will start school on the 1st Monday after their enrolment meeting.


All parents/whānau of learners who enrol at Scott Point School will be invited to attend an enrolment meeting. This meeting is to welcome you and your child to our school as well as provide you with valuable information. Your child's teacher will invite you to a Whānau meeting in order to introduce themselves and to get to know your child and your family.

Important Information:

Please click through on all of the buttons below to find all the information and documentation you will need to enrol your child/ren.

Out of Zone Enrolments:

The Scott Point Board of Trustees is unable to accept any out of zone enrolments.

11 Scott Point Campus 

We are excited to be moving into the Scott Point Campus with effect from the 7th of June 2022