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Before & After

School Care

Before and after school care is provided by

Premium Kids Care (PKC).


Premium Kids Care has been offering quality out-of-school care since 2002. We provide a safe, friendly, fun out-of-school care programme, including before-school care, after-school care and holiday programmes. Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, stimulating experience for your tamariki. 


PKC is so excited to provide out-of-school care to the Scott Point School community, and we look forward to working with and meeting you all.

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Bring Your Own Device

Bringing your own device is recommended for learners in years 4 and above

If your child/ren is absent from school for a part, whole or multiple days, please advise the school office.

Absences should be reported before 8:55 am using the HERO app or by calling the office and leaving a message on the absence line.


Please detail the reason for your child’s absence and notify the school every day they are away. It will be recorded as an unjustified absence if no explanation is given.

If your child is absent due to illness for three days or more, please provide a doctor’s certificate, if requested.

If your child is absent for reasons other than illness, please inform the school in advance of the dates they will be away.


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