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Bring Your Own Device

We are an Apple device School 

Bring your own device (BYOD) is recommended for learners in years four and above.

For more information see below.



At Scott Point School we believe that creativity, collaboration, and innovation are vitally important skills for our learners to be active participants in the fast-changing world that we live in. We want our learners to move beyond being technology consumers to becoming digital content and tools creators. Through this process, they will develop the skills to be competent digital problem solvers ready to tackle the challenges they will be presented with now and in the future.


As educators, we are excited to implement the digital technology curriculum in a meaningful and engaging context. This means that we will provide our learners with real-life contextual problems where they are encouraged to research and then develop a solution using the tools they have available. This may include creating an app, making a promotional video, creating a website or designing something new and innovative.

The possibilities are endless.

What We Will Do

In order to achieve this, we believe that our learners need a robust, reliable, and intuitive device that will enhance their current learning program. This is why we have chosen to be an Apple device school. The benefits of using an Apple device are:

  • More time spent on teaching and learning as they are a reliable device

  • Increased creativity and engagement

  • Intuitive device that allows access to a wide range of educational apps and websites

  • Able to use Google apps for education

  • Teachers can monitor the learner’s device activity through Apple Classroom

What We Won't Do

We believe really strongly that technology is another tool that we use to enhance learning and that there should always be a purpose for how it is used. Therefore we will not promote:

  • using technology for busy work

  • playing non-educational games

  • using social media (this is banned through our managed network N4L

  • Cyberbullying (this will not be tolerated and may result in a device being removed from a student for a period of time)



You are welcome to purchase your Apple Ipad or Macbook from any supplier you choose.

You can purchase any model of Ipad or Macbook to suit your child's needs (We do not recommend the iPad Mini). 

New Era have put together a portal and payment options for you to be able to pay off your device. 

Follow this link for the New Era Portal

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