Bring Your Own Device

Bringing your own device is recommended for learners in years 4 and above. Information about BYOD is available below:

BYOD Poster (1).png

Purchasing Options

You are welcome to purchase your Apple Ipad or Macbook from any supplier that you choose. You can purchase any model of Ipad or Macbook to suit your child's needs (We do not recommend the iPad Mini). 


PB Tech and New Era have put together a portal and payment options for you to be able to pay off your device. 

Follow this link for the New Era Portal

Refer to the image below for options of how to finance a device with New Era







New Era Portal 3
New Era Portal 3
New Era Portal 3

For the PB Tech portal you just go to their website and enter the following details to sign in to our portal.

Login ID:

Password: SPSBYOD2021