How we do things

An environment where

  • There is flexibility and we cater for differing learning styles 

  • Success is celebrated

  • There is a sense of belonging

  • Relationships are fostered and valued



Learners who

  • Can navigate their own journey

  • Are at the heart of all decision making

  • Have a voice that is valued

  • Are engaged and focussed in their learning

Teachers who

  • Are passionate and dynamic  

  • Understand how learners learn and provide formative feedback

  • Are open and honest collaborators 

  • Share responsibility for all learners

Partnerships where

  • School is the heart of the Scott Point community

  • Home and school partnership and collaboration is valued

  • Communication is open and honest

  • Family and whānau will feel a sense of belonging at SPPS

At Scott Point School our Learners are


Navigators of their own journey who

  • Pose questions

  • Investigate a topic, idea or theory

  • Have a plan of action

  • Collaborate with others

Explorers of knowledge who are

  • Passionate about learning

  • Inquisitive and inquiring learners

  • Engaged and motivated to learn

  • Able to inspire and encourage their peers by taking joy in inspiring others

Wonderers of possibilities whose

  • Imagination is valued

  • Creativity is fostered

  • Innovation and enterprise is seen everywhere

  • Enjoyment and fun drives learning

Seekers who when challenged will

  • Show resilience 

  • Be confident problem solvers

  • Have the ability to be flexible with their learning

  • Know that sharing learning fosters passion in others

At Scott Point School our Curriculum will include



  • Sow

  • Grow

  • Prepare

  • Share


  • Plant native

  • Plant vegetables

  • Plant fruit

  • Plant for pleasure


  • Awareness

  • Regulate

  • Collect

  • Conserve


  • Awareness

  • Discover

  • Monitor

  • Save

At Scott Point School our Learners will 


Wonder by

  • Knowing that possibilities are endless

  • Using creativity and innovation

  • Challenging their ideas and thinking

  • Ensuring a positive group environment is fostered

Explore by

  • Using the right tool for the job

  • Gathering relevant information

  • Organising and sorting

  • Valuing the strengths and passions of others

Navigate by

  • Posing questions 

  • Investigating topics, ideas or theories

  • Having a plan of action

  • Collaborating with others 

Seek by

  • Making sense and meaning 

  • Reflecting on their learning regularly

  • Knowing the purpose is clear for their audience

  • Sharing and presenting collaboratively

At Scott Point School our Models are 



  • The learner's natural curiosity drives them to explore

  • As a learner explores they discover new things and learn

  • Repeating activities helps a learner to achieve mastery of skills and builds their confidence

  • A confident learner feels capable of attempting their next challenge


  • A project is undertaken in response to a problem

  • Is more complex and more time is needed to complete

  • Transdisciplinary, reflective approach that results in a tangible outcome

  • Showcase your learning

Problem Based

  • Is driven by a real-world context

  • A short singular problem informed by the learner’s interests

  • Follows specific steps to form an outcome

  • Encourages the learners to think critically and can be solved individually or collaboratively


  • Learners identify a need or issue they are passionate about improving or solving

  • Learners will innovate and invent 

  • Design or improve a product that will improve people’s lives

  • Shared authentically

At Scott Point School our curriculum will be 


Empowering by

  • Using research to underpin what we do

  • Being transformative

  • Challenging the status quo

  • Contributing to the community - Think global, Act local -  Community partnerships

Future-focused by

  • Being innovative and agile

  • Being driven by today's world for tomorrow's learners

  • Using the key competencies to underpin our curriculum

  • Celebrating student success

Challenging by

  • Providing a real-life context

  • Using differentiated learning programmes

  • Fostering resilience and perseverance 

  • Encouraging collaboration

Relevant by

  • Acknowledging student voice

  • Using authentic and real contexts

  • Fostering varied learning styles

  • Using a range of learning tools